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Paper Recycling

Old Corrugated Container (OCC) Screening

Paper Sorting Line
Syracuse, NY

RRT Design & Construction provides its full range of services to the Paper Recycling Industry.  This industry is experiencing an increase of quality problems and the need for additional supply.  Paper mills and processors of recovered paper alike can benefit from the material handling expertise of RRT.

Our services have always been first and foremost to implement or improve facilities' material handling and process systems.  Our technologies provide the highest attainable sorting efficiency and profitability.  RRT ensures quality furnish while providing the lowest cost per ton solution to recovered paper processing.

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Commingled Containers

Tipping Floor
Hartford, CT

RRT's experience and knowledge of processing commingled containers is unequaled in the industry.  In fact, RRT has played an integral role in the development and testing of many types of equipment that are now operating in existing MRFs throughout the United States.

Each system is custom designed to maximize the output of quality, marketable commodities, based on many factors including incoming material make-up, and desired and best economical throughput rate. 

The level of manual, mechanical, and/or automated material separation is determined by system feasibility and economic justification. 

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Single-Stream Recycling

As a strong proponent of single-stream processing since its introduction to the industry, RRT continues to recommend and actively drive new and renovated facility operations to include or integrate this advanced method of processing.  There is a definite momentum being realized by the industry in recent years.  Clients are interested to consider the single-stream option because of its many benefits.  Some have endorsed it as a requirement.

What exactly is single-stream?  A single-stream program integrates the collection and processing components of recycling into the most economical method: all recyclable materials are collected in one "stream."  Mixed paper and commingled containers are all collected together and delivered to the MRF.  A single-stream MRF automatically separates the paper from the containers and then follows the traditional processing approach.


Separating Fiber and Commingled Containers
City of Phoenix, AZ

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Mixed Waste Processing

1300 TPD Mixed Waste MRF

Finished Bales of Separated, Marketable Materials

Often referred to as "dirty MRFs," mixed waste processing facilities process incoming solid waste by separating the marketable recyclable commodities from the waste stream.  RRT has designed and built numerous mixed waste facilities throughout North America, and designed and installed its "Enhanced Recovery System" retrofits to existing plants.

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Aerobic Digestors
Cobb County, GA

Now a growing part of our business, RRT has successfully built a large number of facilities that prepare incoming wastes into a suitable feedstock for composting.  

Our experience includes both aerobic and anaerobic technologies and the necessary back-end equipment for screening.

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RDF Preparation

Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is a good solution and an alternative option to address limited landfill space.  

RRT's approach to these type of mixed solid waste (MSW) facilities is to design systems to not only recover recyclables but also to produce a quality feedstock for fuel production. 


Fuel Cubes from MSW

Transfer Station

North Hempstead, NY

RRT provided professional services for all the planning, design and engineering of the 1200 ton per day (TPD) MSW and Recycling Transfer Station, Town of North Hempstead, NY.  

Successful remediation of site environmental complexities and community sensitivities resulted in the project being recognized by the Long Island Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers with their 1996 "Quality of Life" award.

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Construction & Demolition Waste

Difficult materials are efficiently processed and upgraded through RRT's innovative solutions derived from our operating experience.

Our Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Processing Facilities are designed to automatically separate materials by size as well as density, to minimize manual labor requirements.


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Yard Waste

Yard waste materials, such as grass clippings, leaves, brush and tree prunings, have been banned from landfills in many communities and states--mainly because it is biodegradable and unnecessarily wastes space.  Composting diverts yard wastes from landfills and converts it into useful soil additive or mulch.

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Blue Bag Recycling

Blue bag collection and processing is becoming more widely used in the industry.  RRT's experience with Blue Bag facilities encompass plants with a combined process of over 5,000,000 bags annually.

Four sorting centers handle process bagged recyclables co-collected with MSW for the City of Chicago.  Recently, RRT completed retrofit system expansions at all four facilities to automate the enhanced the recovery of ferrous, aluminum and organics, leading to a substantial increase in recovery.  Other RRT projects include the City of St. Peters, the City of New York and Danbury, CT.


Blue Bag Sort Line
Chicago, IL

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Ash Recycling

Waste-to-Energy Plant
Islip, NY

Montenay Power Corporation engaged RRT to design, fabricate and install a new ash handling system with enhanced metals recovery for their 550 tons per day (TPD) waste-to-energy plant in Islip, New York.

RRT's work included the fabrication and installation of the photographed 100 ft. long vibratory conveyor, transporting the ash to a new processing building housing grizzly screens and drum magnets for maximizing ferrous recovery.  Through our Field Services Division, we met plant shut down limitations and rigging complexities.

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Glass Recycling

RRT provides proven technology advancements for producing high quality beneficiated glass whether it be clear, amber, green or mixed.  Our recycled glass has demonstrated product marketability.

Capable of automatically processing whole bottles or broken glass, RRT systems reliably produce material output that meets glass mill "furnace ready" standards.  Our mixed broken glass consistently meets the standards of the construction industry for uses such as asphalt, roadbed aggregate and concrete.

Glass Sorting

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Plastics Recycling

Plastics recycling is one of today's high-tech marvels.  It enables communities to take what was once considered garbage and consumed landfill space, and turn it into a wide range of products -- from new bottles to products like clothing and carpet.

RRT is an industry leader, providing innovative solutions that have improved the collection, processing and marketability of recycled plastics.  Our plastic wash/cleaning lines remove contaminants and separate the materials by resin type to increase their market value.

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RRT is your ONE-STOP Resource for Innovative, Successful Processing System Solutions for the Solid Waste, Paper and Recycling Industries.

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