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Technical Papers



  Title Publication Date Author(s)
RRT's Tenth Anniversary supplement, Several feature articles provide a current overview of the solid waste and recycling industry, new technologies and what's on the horizon Resource Recycling August 1999 Collaborative Effort
MSW and Biosolids Become Feedstocks for Ethanol, MRF project in Middletown, NY BioCycle August 1999 Gray
The Baler 3 Step, Insight on baler selection Waste Age April 1999 Tom
Single Stream Processing Resource Recycling May 1998 Egosi and Weinberg
Phoenix's New MRF: A Singular Sensation Waste Age November 1998 Barber
Overlooked by the Industry?, Paper recycling and paper sorting equipment Recycling Today October 1998 Egosi and Moore
From Zero to 100 Tons in Four Weeks, The importance of proper operations training World Wastes November 1997 Ficks
Worker Safety: An Important MRF Issue Resource Recycling October 1997 Egosi
Lean, Mean Processing Machine, The importance of proper equipment maintenance World Wastes October 1997 Ficks
Materials Separation Systems for Solid Waste Composting BioCycle September 1994 Gould and Meckert
Who are the Big Actors and What are They Up To? Resource Recycling October 1993 Powell
MRF of the Month: Palm Beach County Waste Age July 1992 White
Primer on Plastics AIPE Facilities Nov./Dec. 1991 Egosi and Edelson
Meeting High Expectations through MRF Design Solid Waste and Power June 1991 Egosi and Romeo
RRT Proves that Recycling is Good Business World Wastes February 1991 Darcy
Design Considerations for Material Recycling Facilities Journal of Resource Management and Technology April 1989 Egosi


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Technical Papers

Title Event/Purpose Date Author
Is CRT Glass-to-Lead Recycling Safe and Environmentally Friendly IEEE, Boston, MA May 2003 Weitzman
An Overview of Municipal Solid Waste Processing ANACON 98, Los Angeles, CA December 1998 Meckert
Material Recovery Facility Design Considerations WasteExpo 98, Chicago, IL June 1998 Egosi
Automatic Paper Sorting 11th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Philadelphia, PA November 1995 Egosi
The Outagamie County Material Recovery Facility Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI February 1994 Jones
Operations at the Cape May County Processing Facility National Waste Processing Conference Operations at the Cape May County, New Jersey Intermediate 1994 Harris and Zeterberg
Integrating County Recycling and Bottle Bill Redemption at the Moore County Material Recovery Center Solid Waste Association of North America, New York State Chapter Annual Conference 1994 Jones and Egosi
Design of Bulky Waste Processing Facility for Atlantic County Utilities Abstract of: Atlantic County Utilities Authority August 1993 Harris and Zeterberg
Material Recovery Design of Ocean County, New Jersey ASME National Waste Processing conference at the Cape May County New Jersey Intermediate 1994 Romeo
Mixed Waste Processing Eighth International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Secondary Materials November 1992 Egosi
Mixed Broken Glass Processing Solutions ASCE National Convention, New York, NY September 1992 Egosi
Time and Motion Analysis of Manual Sorting and Procedures at Materials Recovery Facility ASME Proceedings of National Waste Processing Conference 1992 Jones

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