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RRT Design & Construction (RRT), located in Melville, New York, has engineered and constructed for the benefit of owners and operators, more recycling facilities and solid waste processing facilities than probably any other company in North America.  RRT is the trade name of Enviro-Services & Constructors, Inc.

RRT provides you, the municipal or industrial customer, comprehensive project management, engineering, construction and operation services in a turnkey package.  This is one-stop shopping.  The expertise you receive extends largely in the field of solid waste recycling as well as related areas such as composting, ash metals recovery, scrap plastics processing, construction and demolition (C&D) debris processing, landfill gas recovery, glass cullet processing and recovered paper sorting.  We share with you our expertise and innovation of process systems and material handling to grow your productivity and profitability.

RRT's outstanding leadership and significant technologies have been recognized consistently by government and private industry.  For over 11 years, we have provided our engineering and construction services resulting in over 60 facilities built in 20 states and Canada.  Today, our clients benefit from a unique combination of technical strength and project management services that are built from our continuing materials marketing expertise and operations and maintenance experience.

Corporate History
Since 1989, RRT has been a leading provider of services to the recycling and solid waste industry.  In 1995, the world's largest solid waste company acquired RRT to provide leadership and performance to its recycling line of business.  Following two years of intensified activities leading to significant results, including the acquisition of numerous companies, RRT was reorganized as an independent company again.

The RRT performance resume is unequaled in its depth and variation of recycling collection, processing and marketing capabilities.  You benefit from RRT's industry leading expertise in the following areas:

  • Material Recovery Facility design, construction, operation and maintenance
  • Commercial and curbside recycling collection systems, technology and operation
  • Solid waste/mixed waste processing and recycling
  • Preparation of mixed solid waste (MSW) as feedstock for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and compost
  • Materials marketing services for paper, plastics, glass, metals, textiles, wood, aggregate, etc.
  • Curbside and drop-off recycling program planning, implementation and operation
  • Collection, processing and marketing of yard waste, source separated organics and construction/demolition (C&D) debris
  • Operation of solid waste transfer stations
  • Waste-to-energy ash metals recovery technologies

RRT offers a full-range of professional services.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Operations Supported by RRT

RRT, under various contracts, has serviced over 150 MRFs across North America as shown (left).  No other company can present the depth of capabilities of RRT.

RRT's market coverage rewards clients through preferred access to commodity markets, equipment, processing technology, expert professionals and collection infrastructure.  Operations support includes personnel training, plant improvement studies, capital project planning and feasibility analyses, equipment inspections, permit compliance, centralized spare parts sales and support, and national account management.  Naturally RRT's support includes design/build services for retrofitting existing plants as well as building greenfield facilities.

RRT is your ONE-STOP Resource for Innovative, Successful Processing System Solutions for the Solid Waste, Paper and Recycling Industries.

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