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  • Plant Operations
  • Distribution Logistics Analysis
  • Staff Development Training
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations Modeling
  • Maintenance & Safety Programs
  • Commodities Marketing & Trading

Syracuse, New York MRF

Operations Experience

Over the past ten years, public perception outran economic realities in the recycling industry.  RRT grew rapidly in the face of declining commodity prices, lower landfill costs and intense competition from larger companies.  Although these conditions remain and corporate consolidations and restructuring have impacted us as well, RRT has focused on streamlining operations to squeeze every dollar it can from the billions of dollars our industry spends each year to process recyclables.  We are confident we have achieved much of that goal in the over 60 facilities we've built and the numerous facilities we continue to serve.

RRT's operating experience includes all areas of responsibility from staffing and training to maintenance and materials marketing.  For all new equipment systems and facilities we are routinely asked to provide services during the commissioning period thereby assuring the client of a complete working facility already in operations.

Plant Improvement Program (PIP)

With commodity prices never being enough, recycling operators are focusing their efforts on reducing operating costs.  RRT Design & Construction is a recognized national leader in providing cost effective design and engineering solutions for the recycling industry.

Through our Plant Improvement Program (PIP), we will identify cost saving opportunities through operational efficiency improvements.  Our program administrator will work with you to define the project scope and the evaluations best suited for your facility.  RRT staffing and test procedures are custom tailored for each individual plant.

On site, comprehensive evaluations including labor studies, time and motion studies, system capabilities, equipment efficiencies, etc. are performed which formulate the basis for our recommendations.  All recommendations will be quantified to project actual expected annual savings.  Our PIP team possesses broad knowledge and expertise in all areas of recyclable material handling, MRF operations, transportation, maintenance and material marketing.

PIP Testimonials - Click here to read some of the many comments given by plant managers attesting to the RRT program's value and success.

RRT is your
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